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What makes a good resume?

What makes a good resume is something very simple. So many resume websites and 'how to' guides incorporate the need for key words, highlighting strengths and achievements. These things are important but what most info packages on resumes fail to mention is to make sure that when they finish reading your resume, quite simply, they want to meet you.

Yep. Simple but very true. So how do you do that? How do you write a resume that makes readers and potential employers want to meet you?

On one hand, it can't be taught with reading a blog. Sorry! No easy answer here for that question.

I am a writer. Always have been. And I love people and most people enjoy my company. This is my experience in life. I use these two tools to translate likeability onto paper/pdf/websites. 

This is why even if I do a resume via correspondence, I want to talk to you. Chances are, I'll like you and then I'll use unique things that you have mentioned to me to create a resume that has your best assets at the forefront with touches of your personality through it. 

I have heard of employers getting people in for interviews and the person they are speaking with seems like a totally different person that they were expecting. The resume doesn't match the personality. This only wastes everyone's time. 

It's important to remember that we are never 100% sure on what an employer is looking for. They may have lots of young staff and they want an experienced and mature person to add to their knowledge or vice versa - maybe they want some young staff to train and mentor. Maybe they have too many staff that are looking at retiring soon; maybe morale is low and they need positive, upbeat people. Maybe they need sales gurus, tech-heads whatever it may be. What you need to find is an employer that is looking for what you offer which is always more than a sum of your skills and achievements.

As Samuel L Jackson said "Personality goes a long way". Don't lose yours.