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Why resumes need tweaking for each job application

First of all, it shows you are truly keen and have put in the effort as compared to a person whose resume is not as specific.

Even if you always apply for admin work, if one job requires frequent liaison with government departments for example, and another requires payroll, how you list your skills and abilities should be changed to suit. You want your most relevant abilities to be at the top. 

In fact, sometimes you may be over qualified and will actually remove some skills from your list or downplay them rather than boast about them as you might for other roles. Employers can assume you may 'get bored' if they think you are over qualified and won't stay with them long.

When changing industries, the need for a total resume re-do is an absolute necessity. There, you must focus on why you want to enter this new field of work and more specifically, why you want it to be with this particular business or company.

I offer resumes that can be tweaked to suit, and that is something that I often do free of charge when getting your resume done, or for a small fee if you change your mind later down the track.

A 'one resume fits all' approach is not as likely to get you the interview you are after.

Competition for advertised roles can be intense. I pride myself on creating you a resume that will stand out from the rest, prove you are super interested and have the attributes and abilities they are looking for.