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Services and Prices


Will never be more than $145.

Sometimes, you just need an update. In this case, we have a chat after I see what you’ve got and prices for updates start from $95.

Payment is either cash or via bank transfer.

A receipt is issued for each resume and remember – you can claim it on your tax return!

Cover Letters:

I only provide cover letters for specific jobs – ‘general’ cover letters are vague and unnecessary as each resume has an introductory paragraph that is essentially, a concise cover letter.

For specific applications, if the cover letter is requested at the time of the resume, the charge is $40 for the first page and $10 for each page there after. If requested independently, the charge is $55 for the first page and $15 for each page there after.

Cover Letters/Selection Criteria Hybrids: 

Ok, it’s not a technical term but they exist. These are the letters that want selection criteria included in the letter without the selection being addressed in the formal way. These start at $50 if requested at the time of a resume and $70 if requested independently and are dependent on the criteria. I will view the application and give you a quote on the final price before I commence the letter.

Selection Criteria:

Selection criteria can be very tricky. It is important not to assume that whoever wrote the selection criteria actually know what they are doing. Trust me, I have done enough of these to know that there are plenty of applications that are written by people who are not qualified to do so.

Always call the number on the job advertisement and get any clarity if you are unsure. Also, just because a job lists selection criteria, it does not mean that the employer wants them addressed.

That said, once it is established, selection criteria are to be addressed in specific ways and it is something that a lot of people struggle with. Luckily, I relish getting a great selection criteria prepared and I can help you.

If they are prepared at the same time as the resume in the same interview process, the charge is $15 per selection criteria.

If it is completed independently, the charge is $35 for the interview process and then $15 per question. However, if there are more than nine selection criteria, the interview fee is $20.

I understand this can be a lot of money for some people and offer options such as: I do two or three selection criteria with you so you understand how to do it and then you do the rest. I have known people who just don’t apply for a job they want because they get overwhelmed and can’t afford the lot but if you work through it with someone, it might give you the confidence and ability to do, at least some of it, on your own.

Online Applications:

Technology and the online world is not for everyone. Unfortunately for those who feel that way, a large percentage of positions are now online and require online applications.

The charge for assisting with online applications is $40 for the first hour or part thereof and then $30 per hour thereafter.